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Elbow Brace with Strap for Tendonitis 2 Pack, Tennis Elbow Compression Sleeves, Golf Elbow Treatment (Small)

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Elbow Brace with Strap for Tendonitis 2 Pack, Tennis Elbow Compression Sleeves, Golf Elbow Treatment (Small)

About this item

  • Prevent and protect: Common types of tendonitis that affect the elbow are tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow. You can also develop tendonitis pain through any everyday activity with repetitive motion, including painting, raking, or even working out. Prevent elbow pain before it starts with the Bodyprox Elbow Sleeves with Support Strap! The added layer of protection will also help prevent scratches and bruises during contact sports, providing you with multifaceted support.
  • Unrestricted performance: Whether your game calls for a straight shot from the sidelines or a carefully executed swing of a club, Bodyprox Elbow Compression Sleeves with Support Strap will give you the confidence needed to take your best shot! Its extremely elastic weave supports the elbow’s natural movements to allow for the body’s full range of motion. The breathable woven fabric will release excess heat so you stay comfortable and dry during long or strenuous games.
  • Premium quality: We’ve crafted our sleeves with a premium blend of nylon and spandex to give you an ultra-flexible fit and added a velcro strap along the forearm for extra support and targeted relief. It’s extremely common to feel pain and stiffness throughout the forearm, wrist, and hand due to an overworked muscle. The targeted compression from the strap will help promote proper blood flow to and from the muscle to help soothe the pain and assist in active recovery!
  • Non-slip design: Features a durable and flexible support strap designed to keep the sleeves in place for fuss-free wear. The wide elastic band will also prevent bunching by anchoring the sleeves in place, so it’ll fit comfortably under clothing for discreet support.
  • Double the support: Our compression sleeves are sold in packs of 2, use one as a backup sleeve or give yourself complete support in both elbows as needed. We’ve got you covered! To ensure the proper fit to prevent slipping or rolling, measure 4” above your elbow and refer to our sizing chart.


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