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Intelligent Pulse Repair Charger

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Intelligent Pulse Repair Charger

Name:12V/24V 32000mAh Pulse Repair With LCD Lead Acid Battery Intelligent Charger For Car Motorcycle
Model: C45836
Material:Plastic Shell
Rated Output: 12/24V DC, 10A Max.
Power: 250W
Output Current: 10A
Input Voltage: 150V-250V 50-60Hz
Output Voltage: 12-17V
Battery Range: 6000mAh -320000mAh
Charging Timing: 1-25H
Working Temperature Range: -35℃ +50℃
Type:US Plug
Power Cable Length: approx. 110 cm
Output Cable Length: approx. 60cm
Size:(L×W×H): 18×14.5×7cm
Product Description:
Mode: Precharging, Constant Current Charging, Constant Voltage Charging, Purling Current Charging
Battery type: lead-acid battery
Voltage Detection: Yes
Output Short Protection: Yes
Non Battery Link Protection: Yes
Over Voltage Protection: Yes
Over Temperature Protection: Yes
Cooling: Fan
Various motorcycles, family cars, business cars, off-road vehicles and minivans.
Manual charging. Batteries with lower temperature and higher internal resistance can use manual mode, which can assist in repairing batteries.
Automatic charging. Use Intelligent Full Stop, Pulse Repair Battery
LED LCD display. When charging, LED screen is used to display the charging status.
Voltage indicator. Intelligent identification of 12V or 24V batteries.
Fan heat dissipation. According to the charger in use stage to determine the speed of fan heat dissipation.
Anodic oxidation copper plating technology was adopted. The corrosion of the clamp by sulfuric acid was slowed down, and the life of the clamp was prolonged greatly.
Four-stage charging can repair batteries intelligently.
Six protections. Overheat protection, short circuit protection, low voltage protection, reverse connection protection,overcharge protection, overcurrent protection.
Disconnect the power supply before connecting or disconnecting the battery charger to the battery.
High pressure inside, non-professional personnel are strictly prohibited to open.
Purchase please select the same polarity consistent socket, charger
This charger please for indoor,beware of rain
Pls check the capacity (mAh) of your battery before buying the charger! Thanks!
Do not be carried with the vehicle, prevent shock.
Explosive gas, beware of spark.
Provide adequate ventilation during charging.
Package Included:
1 X Pulse Repair Battery Charger


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