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Set of 2 Coconut Placement Liners for Planter

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Set of 2 Coconut Placement Liners for Planter

Bullet Points:
1、High-Quality Material: The Coco Fiber Liner is tightly woven from natural coconut fibers. The fibers are evenly distributed, light and durable. Coco fiber has better air permeability and water retention, which helps plants grow healthily.
2、Easy to Use: The Coconut Liners are simple and convenient to use. The natural coconut fiber is water-retaining, so you need to spread nutrient soil on top and grow some plants, and water a little. Under the iuence of sunlight and wind, plants can grow healthily.
3、Wide Application: The Coco Liner is suitable for growing ivy, green leaf plants, flower plants, vegetables, and so on. You can use it in the garden, balcony, patio, porch, lawn, eaves, living room, office, shop, etc.
4、Suitable Size: We provide you with 3 sizes of our Planter Basket Liners, including 10in/12in/14in, which are very popular sizes choices among growers. And the coir pads can also be sized appropriately for the basket size.
5、Multifunctional Design: The Round Basket Liner has enough depth that it is loved by many stray animals, so it can be used as a perfect nest for squirrels, birds, cats, etc. You can also use it to make DIY crafts as decoration or to give to relatives and friends.
1. Being tightly woven from natural coconut fibers, durable and light.
2. 3 suitable sizes to choose from, 10in/12in/14in.
3. Growing plants, flowers, vegetables, etc.
4. Great decorations and nice gifts.
Name: Coconut Liner
Material: natural coconut fiber and non-woven fabric
Size: 10in/12in/14in(25.4cm/30.48cm/35.56cm)
Packing List:
2*Coconut Liners


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