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Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

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Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

1. Latest ultrasonic technology, upgraded chip: using the latest ultrasonic chip, impact the hearing and nervous system of mice, mice, spiders, fleas, cockroaches, ants, flies, mosquitoes, make them feel uncomfortable, uncomfortable, make them away from your home, dare not come close to your home. What's more, this repellent doesn't kill the pests.
2. This electronic insect repellent is friendly to humans and our lovely pets like dogs and cats. No odor, no noise, no radiation. Pest control uses sound waves to repel pests and mice without killing them, leaving nuisance insect or rodent carcasses for you to dispose of.
3 Easy to use and install: Just plug in our ultrasonic repellent and it works when you notice a hazy glow. The unit shall be installed 10-30 inches above the ground and free from other obstacles within 1 meter.
4. Coverage area: The maximum coverage area of our ultrasonic repellent is 1200 square meters. Since solid walls can weaken the effect of ultrasound, we recommend using one unit per average-sized room with pest problems. Additional units will be needed in larger areas.
5. Multipurpose energy saving: Your electricity bill is less than $10 a year, but you can save hundreds of dollars in pesticide spraying costs. Ideal for living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, shops, houses, warehouses, garage homes, apartments, sheds, renters, and more.


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